Shooting for Beyond the Moon.

With our modern and simple CLI interface, Mars is a plug and play piece of software that runs extremely fast and memory-efficient. Our software is able to handle thousands of tasks simultaneously.



Ethereum, Solana (Including Magic Eden), Klaytn and Polygon minting available.

Custom RPCs

You can run any RPC of your preference, However, you have access to all our RPCs free of charge.

Security and Convenience

You can run multiple instances of Mars. All your wallets are encrypted to ensure maximum security.

Mars Bot on Macbook

Covering all your NFT needs.

We cover all your NFT Needs, from start, to finish. From release Information and aftermarket estimates for the hottest drops to a friendly Discord community to chat with our users.

With your membership, you will get access to our Discord.

Our team of experts will post Alpha information.

Monitors and other tools are available in our Discord.

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Even more features

You thought that was everything? You were wrong we have even more to offer:


Alpha Information

Not everything is software. We do also offer alpha information Within our Discord server! This will allow you to profit even more.



Ever thought that is boring, time consuming and tiring setting up your bot for the upcoming releases? Mars goes beyond the moon allowing you to securely automatic set up your tasks.

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ETH Copycat Mode

Ever wondered how is it to have a transaction in the same block as the contract owner? That is not an issue with Mars, running our CopyCat mode, you will be able to submit your txn in the same block as contract owner using the minimum gas.

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Are you ready to travel to Mars?

The only way to join us right now is via our waiting list, however if you DM us via Twitter and if you are lucky you might get ticket to Mars!

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Do you have any questions? I bet it’s explained here, otherwise let’s stay in touch via the Bird App!

Mars is currently priced at a monthly recurring renewal fee of 0.35 ETH. It is possible to unsubscribe at any time.

We currently only support Windows Systems, furthermore we reccomend running on a server if possible due to the speed benefits.

Updates vary in frequency, but there is usually several updates per month.